The capability of creating 4 to 6 times as much capacity in (existing) underground PMD waste containers and monitoring the container remotely.


By using this press, the capacity of existing underground rest waste containers is increased significantly by a factor 2.5 to 3. With a PMD collection container, capacity is increased by a factor 4 to 6. Optimum compaction is also achieved by cleverly pulling open closed garbage bags. The frequency of emptying the container can, therefore, be reduced and, when a daily emptying is required, a weekend can now easily be skipped.

Another advantage is that, at locations where a second or even a third container has to be placed, due to a lack of capacity, this lack of capacity will be amply compensated by using this press in the first container and therefore no second or third container will have to be installed.



The ELEpress is light and suitable, for installations in virtually all types of underground containers. Thanks to its unique design, the unit is easy to install in existing waste containers. The unit has been designed in such a way that installation can be carried out easily in one day.

Our specialists can install the ELEpress on site at the workplace. You can also install the ELEpress yourself. A clear manual is available for this purpose.


  • Your own online login environment with your own systems.
  • Each press system frequently reports in real-time data, which is displayed directly online.
  • Online overview on a list and topographical map of the managed press systems. Here you will find information about the filling level, pressure, the number of presses, etc.
  • Fault recognition by ECOnView, including useful tips on how to resolve a failure
  • Important notifications can be sent, by email and through an app, to mobile phones (such as full notifications, drum obstruction notifications, etc.) including tips what to do with certain types of notifications, if desired.
  • Access into the history of the data summarised in tables and graphs (such as filling level, pressure, number of presses, etc.).
  • Online manuals available with explanatory notes of the operation of the systems.
  • Option to manage the firmware. Updates are uploaded directly to the press systems via the internet.


Can I monitor my waste?

Through a web-based platform ECOnView, you have an overview of the filling and pressure level and therefore, allows you to determine when the emptying should take place. Moreover, the ECOnView server also actively notifies the administrators in charge if emptying is required.

The emptying of a container equipped with the built-in press that is connected to ECOnView can therefore take place very efficiently.

How much energy does the ELEpress use?

This electrical, hydraulic built-in press runs on a 12-Volt lead crystal battery. This battery can be kept contactless through an induction energy transfer system. This means that the driver does not have to take into account the plugs or cables during emptying.

The energy consumption of the press is very low and a (230Vac/2 Amp) connection, which is comparable to a street light post connection, is more than sufficient.

How much capacity do I gain with the ELEpress?

By using this press, the capacity of existing underground rest/waste containers is increased by a factor 2.5 to 3. For a plastic collection container, a capacity increase is achieved from 4 to 6.

Does the ELEpress work on all underground rest/waste containers?

ELEpress works on virtually all underground rest/waste containers.

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